What are you saying? Get to the point. Start with the end in mind.

You must have something to say.

  • You may be ready for Toastmasters.

When you talk to yourself, are those the most intelligent conversations you have?

  • You may need Toastmasters.

Spend enough time talking to yourself, plunge deep into research rabbit holes, and you may learn so much about yourself and the world…
You become so full of knowledge and wisdom to share that you feel you might explode if you don’t start saying something to an audience.

  • You really need Toastmasters.

And we need you.

My Clubs:

Town and Country Toastmasters – every 1st and 3rd Monday evening on Zoom only.

Palm Springs Toastmasters – every Tuesday evening in person and on Zoom.

Desert Toasters (Palm Desert) Toastmasters – every Thursday at noon in person and on Zoom.